Fashion theme for e-commerce platform SEOshop

Fashion theme for e-commerce platform SEOshop


Dutch company SEOshop (now Lightspeed eCommerce) is a cloud based e-commerce platform for creating webshops.

After designing and building many custom shops for SEOshop clients I started working on a fashion theme based on insights gained from working closely together with these clients. The theme is built in the template editor, which is part of platform and the theme is available in SEOshop's theme store.


This theme targets the fashion segment of SEOshop's clients. The problem the fashion segment experienced was that many clients in this segment had a distinctive own style or brand that they wanted to convey but the themes were getting in the way. The existing themes were expressing too much of their own style. Clients were also missing the opportunity to inspire their customers on their shop.


The main challenge in this project was to create a theme that looked visually appealling but in such a way that the theme itself wouldn't express too much of a fixed style. Every shop should look unique for every customer. The second part of the challenge was that fashion brands should be able to inspire their customers with their brand and their products. Aside from these specific challenges, the standard challenges of building a web shop theme applied: creating a user friendly shopping environment and using design patterns to optimise the shopping funnel.


The solution was a fashion theme that looks minimalist in style, with a focus on a grid of images that expresses the look and feel. The grid is customisable and can be used towards different ends, giving the client control over what they want to showcase and also leaving room for creativity. Elements such as the navigation and footer are all set in black with the option for the client to change it to another colour. This works the same for the font. This ensures the theme can easily be adapted to existing brand guide lines and so giving the theme it's own distinctive look. Another key aspect of the theme with which clients can set the look and feel is the large navigation that contains the option of adding banners unique to each category.

To help clients inspire their customers, the theme has a built in 'shop the look' feature. This feature is displayed on the homepage and is also added as a category, which customers can browse. Clients only need to add a 'look' tag to products in the back office and they can assemble products that together create a look. Similarly, to inspire customers the theme has an Instagram integration that displays their latest posts in the theme style on the homepage. A quick win for displaying inspiring content.

Another solution for inspiring customers and at the same time creating engangement is the focus on the blog section of the web shop. Here clients can post updates and stories in the same environment as the web shop.

The theme launched in 2014 and is available in the Lightspeed eCommerce theme store.

Role: UX, UI, visual, front end development

Employer: SEOshop


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