Social travel webplatform Flamyngo

Social travel webplatform Flamyngo


Flamyngo is a Dutch travel startup that aims to change the way people discover places by creating a social travel platform where friends and influencers can collect and share their favourite places.

The Flamyngo app is linked to the Flamyngo webplatform. Each user has their own profile. Here users can view and download guides that friends, brands or influencers created. In the future it will be possible to search for profiles online on the platform.


We decided against forced product adoption and therefore needed content that users created in the app to be visible for people who did not have the Flamyngo app. This problem especially applied when app users shared their guides with non-app users. This also included a couple of new partnerships with brands who were sharing guides with their customers. Previously the shared guide, a deeplink generated in the app, would send users straight to the app store. However during research we found that this was seen as a negative user experience for the senders and the receivers. We needed content to be visible and downloadable on the webplatform.


The webplatform is one of the projects I've worked on for Flamyngo that seems easy enough but was actually a big challenge. The main challenge had to do with context and device type. There were multiple scenarios why users would land on the webplatform and these scenarios also changed and varied with device type. Each scenario was attached to a different user journey and each scenario originated in a different part of the Flamyngo platform. The arrival on the webprofile had to be a fluid extention of the user journey in which the user was already in.


The solution was two different types of webprofile, one for regular users and one for brands and influencers, that each consisted of three pages. 1: profile page, with the overview of guides from a user and a short introduction to Flamyngo. 2: guide page, containing the content of a guide and a CTA to download the guide. 3: shared guide page, this page is similar to the guide page however the distinction was made to create a better user experience for the people who have received a guide from someone. In order for the solution in mind to work, I had to work closely together with Flamyngo's front end developer. Together it was possible to outline the different scenarios and create a plan for dealing with device type. Saying that a lot of media queries were used would be an understatement.

Role: user experience designer, user interface designer, visual designer

Employer: Flamyngo

webprofile mobile

Mobile version webprofile

As a part of the solution, one of the conditions for the mobile version of the webprofile was that the structure and style had to be in line with the app. The main reason for this is that guides can be downloaded from the webprofile into the app via a deeplink. This can happen in two ways: an existing app user can download guides and a non-app user can download the guides. The solution had to cater to both.

shared guide mobile

Shared guide page

Adding this extra page was the solution to making it possible to distinguish between different scenarios. This page links to the webprofile but can only be reached in the scenario where a user shares a guide with someone else. Therefore this page could specifically be optimised for acquisition and acitivity for this scenario could be tracked. 


Webprofile desktop view

This is the profile page, with the overview of guides from a user and a short introduction to Flamyngo.


Guide page desktop view

This page shows the content of a specific guide and a CTA to download the guide. For the desktop view, this CTA opens a popup where users can text themselves the deeplink for the guide. This way they get the link on there phone and can download it in the app. Mobile viewers get to see a popup where they get the option to open the guide in the app or download the app. Downloading the app via this scenario takes them to an alternative onboarding flow in the app, optimised for users installing the app with content (a guide) already available.


Viewing a place on desktop

More details about a place added to a guide can be viewed with the comment a user has added.

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