Recommend places to your friends with Flamyngo

Recommend places to your friends with Flamyngo


Flamyngo is a Dutch travel startup that aims to change the way people discover places by creating a social travel platform where friends and influencers can collect and share their favourite places.

Flamyngo makes it easy to receive travel recommendations from friends. The recommendation page is where friends can add and send their favourite places. The friends who asked for travel tips receive the recommendations in the inbox of the app.


The main challenge in this project was finding the right balance between explaining the concept and what users had to do but at the same time making it as straightforward and easy as possible to send recommendations. It was also a challenge to get users in the right mindset. Being asked to create a list of places on the spot without any guidance is tricky, especially if you can add any place you want ranging from restaurants to parks and favourite shopping spots. A main element of this flow was also the last part which would be an opportune moment for acquisition. The challenge here was brainstorming a solution that would also be worthwhile for the user and feel that way.

Role: User experience designer, user interface designer, visual designer

Employer: Flamyngo


Start screen


Empty state for the recommendation page


First place added


Recommendation page with places added


Sending your recommendations


The confirmation and acquisition page

All illustrations were done by an illustrator.

The live version for this solution can be found here. Feel free to send me some suggestions for places to visit in Amsterdam! What can be found on this page is my own version 2.0.

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