Create your own city guides with the Flamyngo app

Create your own city guides with the Flamyngo app


Flamyngo is a Dutch travel startup that aims to change the way people discover places by creating a social travel platform where friends and influencers can collect and share their favourite places.

The Flamyngo app is a way of organising your favourite places or places you want to discover, in beautiful city guides. You can ask friends to add their favourite places and take your guides with you during a city trip. I joined Flamyngo's team as a user experience designer while working at digital product studio Fonk and worked on the app since we first started doing user research at the end of 2015.


The problem that the founder of Flamyngo set out to solve was the fragmented and time consuming process of asking your friends for travel tips before going on a city trip and actually taking these travel tips with you. We set out to solve this problem by first doing research into people's behaviour around the subjects holidays and city trips. During in-depth interviews we learned valuable things that would become the basis for the solution. We found that people already had many little mannerisms of their own in how they organise their travel tips. The structure we found there felt very intuitive. We also learned that if we wanted to solve the problem we had to focus as much on the people that asked for travel tips as for the people who send the travel tips.


The main UX challenges for this project were how to translate the little mannerisms people already have around the subject travel tips as intuitively as possible in the solution and how to create one solution for both sides, the people that ask for tips and the people who give them.


The solution was a travel app that is built in a way that people can use it to fit their own context or scenario. Be it asking for travel tips, sharing travel tips or simply saving places. Instead of dictating precisely how the app should be used and putting down restrictions, the app has a very open structure that leaves the end goal open for interpretation. At its core the concept is very simple. Users can create lists called 'city guides'. Users can fill these guides with places by either adding places themselves or by asking friends to add places. The latter works by sharing a link to a webpage (the recommendation page) with their friends via any channel they choose. At this webpage, their friends can add places and send them directly to their list, without have to sign up or install the app.

The app launched officially in August 2016.

Role: user experience designer, user interface designer

Employer: Fonk



The structure and interface for the overview of city guides was inspired by the way many interviewees had saved travel tips on the notes app on their phone. They showed us how they had organised the names of places friends had recommended in categories. The categories were the cities and the names of places they wanted to visit or remember were added below.



A couple of wireframes for early prototypes to test the concept. After testing, these were passed on the a visual designer at Fonk.



The guide overview and the content of an Amsterdam guide viewed as a list. Each guide has its own inbox where travel tips from friends appear, waiting to be added to the guide or discarded. In order to cater for both the people who ask for travel tips and the people who send travel tips, a complete guide can also be shared. This feature was added after learning that many people wanted a simple solution to sharing all their favourite places in a city at once with people who asked for their recommendations.



A little context is important. Friends can add comments to a recommendation or you can add your own comment to say something about the place.


Adding content

Action screens, users can either ask friends for travel tips or add places to their guide themselves.

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